Sugar Paste Darkgreen, Aybil, 200gr.

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Sugar Paste Darkgreen, Aybil, 200gr.
This product was made for use as a cake garnish and garnish.

Store product in a cool and dry place.
Must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
Ingredients: sugar paste starch, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, milk powder, glycerine, stabilizer, (E1412, E466) vanillin, dye; E171
of the respective variety corresponding to dyes (E102, E104, E122, E124, E132, E142, E155), antimicrobial substance E202.
* Halal Rollfondant, Fondant, without gelatine
Allergen Alert: Includes milk powder. Our goods are gluten-free and include
no porcine constituents .
* Dyes encoded with E102, E104, E122, E124, and E129 can negatively impact children's activities and attention.

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