Purple scent powder, 1kg

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To make special fragrant purple stone fro.

1. Put 100 g of fragrant stone powder in a bowl, prepare the water 30 Measure ml measures.
2. Put water in a large bowl, scented rock flour slowly into it Sprinkle with water and mix at the same time.
3. To avoid air bubbles, slowly stir the mixture around bubbles avoided.
4. Mixing time should not exceed 1 minute, and the mixture should not get stiff.
5. The mixture is poured into the mold. To prevent air bubbles careful movements made with the form 6. The curing will be completed in about 15 to 20 minutes. After It can easily be removed from the mold at this time
Using the scented stones is easy Just sprinkle the oil on the bottom of the scent stone. Pure ethereal Oils could otherwise darken the scent stone over time. But that too is not a problem, just let it boil some time in boiling water and he is already white again. With the colored ones it is not possible in boiling to purify water.

Ideal for placement in the workplace, on the Toilet, in the bedroom or wherever there is a new fragrance feeder like in the closet, bathroom or in your living room.

Simple set up and drizzle with your favorite scent. The smell exudes and unfolds its effect in a feel-good atmosphere. The scented stones exist Made of natural special fragrance powder in different colors. The scent of oil is taken up by the scent stone and recovered during the next few hours

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